Only photo of Chava before the war, aged about 5. She is on the left next to her father. Her mother is holding Chava's younger sister, Henia.
Photo of Josef Morgentaler, city councillor of Lodz for the Bundist party, and his wife Golda, parents of Henry Morgentaler, Chava's future husband. Taken before the war.
Kitchen workers. Taken in Lodz ghetto. Golda Nitka-Morgentaler is 4th from right, back row. Golda Morgentaler died at Auschwitz. Had she lived, she would have been Chava's mother-in-law.
Chava, her mother and sister Henia, shortly after arrival in Brussels, Belgium, late 1945 or early 1946. They are wearing coats made from UNRRA blankets.
Photo from frontispiece of Di balade fun nekhtikn vald, Chava's first collection of poetry, published in London in 1947.
Chava and Heniek (Henry) Morgentaler, her future husband, Brussels, circa 1947.
Chava, Bono and a friend on a bridge, during Chava's return to Lodz, 1948.
Chava and Bono Wiener standing in front of Ghetto Memorial, Warsaw, 1948. Bono Wiener would become Chava's second husband.
Chava visiting Lodz in 1948, indicating where she lived.
Chava and friend standing in front of rubble of the Lodz ghetto, 1948.
Chava & Henry
Chava, Henry, mother Sima and sister Henia
Chava, standing in back, giving a reading in London, March 1949. Sitting 3rd from right is Esther Kreitman, sister of Isaac Bashevis Singer. Next to her, on the right, is Moishe Oved, Jeweler to the Queen and publisher Chava's first book of poetry. Next to him on the right, half cut off, is the poet Itsik Manger.
Chava in London, March 1949.
Cover of Chava's first passport.
Chava's first passport.
Chava and Harry Hershman, her Canadian publisher, Montreal, 1950.
Left to right: Yiddish author Melekh Ravitsh, Chava, unknown man, Ravitsh's wife, Rokhl, and Henry Morgentaler. Montreal 1950's.
Chava, aged 35.
Chava receiving Manger prize, Israel, 1976.
Convocation Photo, University of Lethbridge, 2006.
Shaking President Bill Cade's hand, 2006.
Convocation Address, 2006.
Convocation Address, 2006.