Poetry Collections

Exile at Last: Selected Poems. Trans. the author. Edited by Goldie Morgentaler. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2013. Publisher's website.
Aroys fun gan-eydn [Out of Paradise] Tel-Aviv: Peretz farlag, 1965.
Geto un andere lider [Ghetto and other poems]. Montreal: H. Hershman, 1950.
Dos lid fun dem yidishn kelner Abram [The Song of the Jewish Waiter Abram] London: Moshe Oved, 1948.
Di balade fun nekhtikn vald [The Ballad of Yesterday’s Forest] (London: Moishe Oved, 1947).
     This was republished a year later as Di balade fun nekhtiken vald un andere lider [The Ballad of Yesterday’s Forest and Other Songs], in conjunction with Fragmentn fun a tog-bukh [Fragments of a Diary] (Montreal: H. Hershman, 1948). [64 pp]