Selected Yiddish Lectures

Some of Chava's Yiddish lectures can be heard at the Yiddish Book Center.

“H. Leivik, His Life and Work.” Jewish Public Library. Montreal, Sept, 1996.
“Paul Celan and His Colleagues.” Jewish Public Library, Montreal, May, 1995.
“I. J. Segal.” Workman’s Circle Lecture Series, Toronto, Nov. 1994.
“Abraham Sutskever.” Workmen’s Circle Lecture Series, Toronto, June, 1994.
“Melekh Ravitch: His Life and Work.” YIVO Lecture Series, Miami, Jan. 1993.
“Abraham Sutskever: A Celebration.” Medem Library. Paris, France, June, 1993.
“Mendele Mokher Sforim.” Jewish Public Library, Montreal, Oct. 1993.
“Isaac Bashevis Singer and Sholem Asch.” YIVO, Miami, Jan. 1992.
“H. Leivik: His Life and Work.” Congress for Jewish Culture, New York, June 1992.
“Rokhl Korn: Memorial Lecture.” Jewish Public Library, Montreal, Sept. 1992.
“Simkha Bunim Shayevitch, the Poet of the Lodz Ghetto.” Jewish Public Library, Montreal, June 5, 1991.
“I. I. Trunk: His Poetry and Prose,” Jewish Public Library, Montreal, Sept. 1988.
“Melekh Ravitch: His Life and Work,” Jewish Public Library, Montreal, Sept. 26, 1991.
“Feminism and Yiddish Literature,” Society for Yiddish Culture, Toronto, Nov. 4, 1990.
Lecture series on Yiddish literature, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, sponsored by Kadimah Yiddish Cultural Institute of Australia, 1967.
Lecture and poetry reading, “Literature and the Holocaust.” Yiddish Writers’ Union. London, England, 1946.